Summer Camps

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Come have fun with us this Summer!

 Where?...At our new permanent facility, 3540 Westfield Rd, E2M 7C7

 When? ... Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are still waiting on the government of New Bruswick to determine if we will be running camps this summer.

Who?...  All children aged 6+ years old on the first day of camp



Come have FUN with us this summer!  Enjoy all the instruction of a session of gymnastics and trampoline classes in a week of fun-filled games, activities, flips and bounces!  Our small number of campers allows us to make sure every participant receives quality instruction.  Day care services from 7:30AM-9:00AM and from 4:00PM-5:30PM are included in our prices.  Come be active and play with us in our amazing gymnastics and trampoline facility:)


Typical Camp Schedule

7:30AM-9:00AM : Drop-off and Sign-in

9:00AM-9:30AM : Morning Games

9:30AM-9:45AM: Warm-Up

9:45AM-10:15AM : Gymnastics (Apparatus 1)

10:15AM-10:45AM : Morning Snack and Games

10:45AM-11:15AM : Gymnastics (Apparatus 2)

11:15AM-11:45AM : Gymnastics (Apparatus 3)

11:45AM-12:00PM : Cool-Down


12:00PM-1:00PM : Lunch


1:00PM-1:30PM: Afternoon Games

1:30PM-2:15PM : Trampoline (Apparatus 1)

2:15PM-2:45PM : Afternoon snack

2:45PM-3:30PM : Trampoline (Apparatus 2)

3:30PM-4:00PM: Closing Game

4:00PM-5:30PM : Sign-out and Pick-up


***Please leave all electronic devices (phones, tablets, electronic toys, etc...) at home; Our Camp is intended to be a time to build relationships through conversation and play with others :) ***



On Thursday, enjoy with us the Fun of a Funky-Monkey Extra Fun Party :)

Come dressed with your favourite Funky outfit and accessories;  Every Summer week will have a different party theme to multiply the Fun!





Price (Tax included)


March Break Camp (6 yrs old +)

*2019-2020 members of NBGA






 March Break Camp (6 yrs old +)

*New participant in 2019-2020;

This $25 yearly insurance fee is charged only on your first week of camp







Remember to bring with you :

-Lunch + 3 snacks

-2 Water bottles

-Comfortable clothes for gymnastics and trampoline

-Bathing suit, Towel, Sunscreen, Mosquito repellent, Hat, Running Shoes and a pair of shoes that can get wet

***Thursday only:  FUNKY MONKEY OUTFIT for a super fun-filled day :)